06 January 2008

It's A New Year

So, I've made some decisions and some changes.

I'm not sure if it was the Christmas season or just life in general but the last couple of months were extremely busy for me and so stressful. I had my commitments to the OUAT & LPS Design Teams, custom orders and gifts to make and a household to maintain. Having a baby in the house has made everything go so much more slowly! It seems that the days I set aside for specific projects are the days that Ava doesn't sleep or Ethan runs amok.

My children are my priority so, in order to reduce my workload (and pressure) I've resigned from the Once Upon A Time design team. I'll still be selling on ebay but now I can create at a pace that is more comfortable for me without feeling like I'm letting the team down or failing on my commitment.

I've also decided to close my Ebay store (the fees are KILLING me) and concentrate on stocking my website. It'll be a slow go for a while till Ava gets on a schedule. Hopefully, I can make the site as successful as ebay has been for me - minus the exhorbitant fees!

I was able to work on some pages last nite (till about 2am!) and this morning (between loads of laundry). I'm all caught up on the BP LOAD challenge. Of course, tmrw I have a full day so I'm sure I'll fall behind again! LOL

Have a wonderful week everyone!!


  1. i think you made the right decision on resigning. you gotta have YOU time and kidlet time and creating time LOL and awesome job on you for taking that step.

    love you sis

  2. Melissa I'm sure you are stressed to the limit. I hope this is the perfect step for you! Lots of hugs and love!

  3. WELL...i love your work...and that planner is totally awesome!! I do understand how valuable time is when the kiddos are still so young and I agree....you gotta have time to scrap for yourself and your family and ENJOY it more! Good luck!


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