27 May 2008


We celebrated dh's birthday yesterday - 41! Wowzers! I remember when I thought 35 was old. And here I am not 5 days away from it myself. *sigh* Time flies.

We had my sister and family over to 'celebrate' - no biggie. I made dinner but we had a Carvel ice cream cake YUMMY! My sweet sweet neighbors dropped by with a bottle of champagne for our birthday gift. Otherwise, nothing too exciting happened.

Actually, that's not true! OMGosh so I'm out running some errands, trying to get the bday cake and there are cops everywhere! So, I'm super cautious, right? Speed limit 35 - I'm doing 36 and a ^@#!&* cop pulls me over!!!!!!!! Says I'm in a school zone. It was a girl cop. I'm like, dude, are you serious?? It's MEMORIAL DAY there are no classes today. 'Doesn't matter' says she, '25 all the time' - on that ONE friggin road! OMGosh, I just wanna grrrrrr thinking about it. Ms. Officer gave me a ticket for $170!! I wanna throw up just thinking about it. Happy freakin birthday to me. God, please forgive me for the horrible, horrible thoughts I'm having towards that..........woman.

So, I'm off to create. Gotta sell lots and lots and lots of stuff to pay for this &*(#^ ticket by July 11th.