09 July 2014


My daughter's birthday is coming up later this month, so I ordered these adorable cupcake stands online.  She's only inviting 3 friends for a 'spa day' and if they all come, 6 stands is more than enough.  They arrived quickly, but as I lifted the box off my porch my heart sank.  I could hear the clink of broken ceramic :(  Sure enough, all but TWO were broken and/or chipped.

I called the company right away and they were great about ordering a replacement set, but when I got the confirmation email, it said they were currently on back order!!  They *might* make it in time for her 'party' but .... they might not.

Y'all know how much I hate to waste things and I couldn't bring myself to throw out the broken stands.  So, I came up with a solution:  embellish them!  I got some 'kragle' (aka Krazy Glue - Lego Movie, anyone?) and glued the tops back on to the stands.  Then, to hide the unsightly cracks, I tied a ribbon around them!  The one stand that only had some chips on the plate got some flower ribbon on the front.  I would've done it all around except I didn't have a long enough piece (not to self: order more).  Problem solved.  They're not perfect (one still has some chips on the plate part), but I think they'll do just fine.  In fact, I may use them even if the replacements arrive on time and unharmed. 

Side note:  None of the ribbon is permanently attached so I can change the ribbon to match the theme/decor.