29 August 2011


Yesterday I got a friend request on facebook from someone I didn't recognize. So, after I figured out she must be a fellow creative ('cause we had alot of creative friends in common), I accepted. And boy am I glad I did! Julie Ranae is the Senior Design Team member on The Play Date Cafe; a blog dedicated to weekly creative challenges. I've only just discovered the site and haven't really read through yet but I decided to participate in this week's challenge - to create something using the color scheme above (yum!). I don't have the exact colors but I hope this is close enough :)

Ever since the Life Preserver's Club closed in January, I feel so out of touch. I'd been on the design team since 2006 and I loved being challenged to have to create with a theme or guideline every month. I feel lost without it! I've started posting some of my work in other galleries and hopefully, I'll find more creative friends to be inspired by :)

The eastern seaboard has seen alot of action this week! An earthquake and a hurricane all in one week - scary. I'm near Raleigh and while I didn't feel any shakes from the earthquake in Virginia last week, my son and some of my friends did! I was grocery shopping with my little one but my big boy stayed home with Daddy. When he felt the earthquake he ran downstairs to ask daddy why the sofa in the playroom was shaking! LOL My husband hadn't felt anything downstairs so he wasn't sure what Ethan meant until my sister called seconds later to see if we had felt it. She was working in Raleigh and felt it!

Thankfully, we didn't get any damage from the hurricane either. Lots of rain and wind here on Saturday but that's it. My prayers are with everyone affected by the hurricane this weekend. My family & friends in NY experienced lots of flooded basements and power outages and I'm thankful because it could've been much worse.

Hope this week is completely uneventful here on the east coast and wherever YOU are! Happy new week, everyone :)