28 March 2008


Today I'm giving a shout out, if you will. I must sing the praises of supersweet Joyce from SHMILY DESIGN! She made my store banner, avatar and blog banner. Pretty fabulous, huh? Thing is, you all know I'm 'computer idiot' (that's the stage beyond computer stupid) and she helped me through everything! Super-fast response time, super-friendly and just super- accomodating. She sent me everything I needed to have a custom stamp with an image of my avatar made too. I couldn't just let it be - I had to let you all know!

Beside the banners and avatars, she has cute little girl skirts and felt hair clips like this lightbulb one. If my husband wore hair clips, I'd get him that one cuz he always has a bright idea ;)

So, THANK YOU JOYCE!! I'm giving you a day off today but brace yourself - I'm thinking about matching business cards. Are you up for it? :)


I'm still working on the first of 4 custom albums. I showed my customer some of the pages I've been working on and her response was so beautiful I just wanted to reach through the computer and hug her!! So, I'm off to finish working on her stuff. I'm on cloud 9 right now!

24 March 2008


Just wanted to share some Easter Sunday pictures of the kids!

Why are Mondays always such a mess? I feel like I'm just playing catch up! Oh well, I started on one of my custom albums today - LOVE the paper I'm using. I guess it wasn't a totally unproductive day. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Here are some tags I listed on etsy today:

Have a great week everybody!

23 March 2008


'Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He has risen!' Luke 24: 5,6

Here's what the Easter bunny left Ethan (that's an alien towel sticking out) and Ava. I know, I know. Easter is not about the Easter bunny. But, who can resist such CUTENESS?? They also got obscenely HUGE baskets from Grandma/Papa and Nana/Papa and LOADS of candy from Tio/Titi Rose. I'm still waiting to see what Titi/Tio Angel bring. It's usually not candy, so I'm not too worried. I'm thinking we may have to coordinate next year and get the grandparents to get them books or something. It's gonna take them 3 years to eat all this stuff!

I'm off to start cooking and cleaning before I have to actually start my day. Happy Easter blessings everybody!