11 October 2010


Ah, it's been a crazy summer :) But, I haven't forgotten about you, my friends! I'll be back soon to chat with you - promise. Remember you can always catch up with me on Facebook, too! :) Kisses and hugs.....

15 July 2010


I've been a busy little bee this week. Remember those stickers I won from SRM Stickers? I'm finally using them!

I decided last weekend that I have to pare down my supplies. It's ridiculous now and it takes more time to find anything than it does to make something. I had really good intentions of going through my stash and organizing and purging. Except I started by going through scraps of my old Life Preservers kits and I decided I should just use them up and then I could move on. Awesome idea, in theory. Here's the thing: now I have a bigger mess. :)

But that's ok. I'm going to keep going through my kits and killing them, using my fabulous new SRM stickers, and cleaning up as I go.

I'm thinking I should give these away :) Watch for details!

08 July 2010


I've neglected you again. You should be used to it. Like Taio Cruz, I'm only gonna break break your, break break your heart. :)

Did I tell you about all the stuff I've won from some fabulous people on Facebook?? OMGosh, are you as addicted to FB as me? Well, you should be :P

I won some AWESOME stickers from SRM Stickers. They are fabulous! So easy to use, thin and sheer so they don't bulk up and they kinda look like rub-ons or stamps (without the mess). There's a sticker (or 10) for every occasion. Kinda falling in love with these!

Y'all remember Rusty Pickle?? I thought they were defunct but, no! they are alive and well :) I won a 3 different paper packs from them - wedding, boy and Halloween themed. I haven't even opened them yet but I'm dying to!

This week I won a handmade, original crown from Two Little Bluebirds!! I am so psyched to receive it! She makes the sweetest crowns and capes for your little ones; and she uses eco-friendly felt. You MUST visit her Etsy shop and see the awesome yumminess for yourself :)

I won a sweet little zebra striped pink bow for Ava from Gia's Bowtique. It is so stinkin' cute! Check out her fan page - she is ALWAYS giving away all sorts of discounts to her Etsy shop.

I also have a surprise coming from the super sweet girls at Hancox Homstead and Beans Things! I can't wait to see what beautiful, handmade things I'll get :)

Yes, I'm very blessed every day. Please check out every one of these sweet, giving ladies' pages and shops. It'll be worth your while!

I've been working on some custom orders lately, small and large. I'll leave you with some of the things I've been working on since we last spoke...........

25 May 2010


Can it be? Is June REALLY just a few days away? It's almost time to start the Christmas count-down! Really.

Quick rundown of all the exciting things that have happened this month: Henry had an interview for a job, then didn't get it; Ava cut her hair with a safety scissors; Ethan got accepted into a magnet school for next year; I participated in another crafts fair; a friend offered her house for me to do a home show; and today I got offered another opportunity for consignment in a sweet shop here in Wake Forest. FUN!

Meanwhile, the school year is wrapping up and I'm just now realizing that I have to find things for Ethan to do while he's home with me. And they pretty much all have to be FREE because that's about all that fits in the budget right now :)

I got my Life Preservers Club May kits yesterday - the happiest time of the month for me. I've already started with the card kit.

It's almost crop time again on the Life Preservers Club message board! June 11th-13th, be sure to stop by for lots of fun challenges and games!

Before I let you go, I've got to share this sweet story with you. A few days ago we were all on the couch watching TV and I hear Ava whispering to herself next to me. I look over and lean in for a listen and this is what I heard, 'God, thank you for life. God, thank you for cookies." Melted my heart. I can't believe my little girl will be 3 soon! She's all 'growed' up *sniff sniff*

Have a wonderful week everyone!

30 April 2010


Today we celebrate National Scrapbooking Day! For the novice and the seasoned expert alike, scrapbooking is a fun, creative outlet with a greater purpose - to record our stories. So, whether you're a simple scrapper pasting pictures with a glue stick on a blank paper or an elaborate artist using multiple mediums, today is your day :)

For National Scrabooking Day the design team at Life Preservers Scrapbook Club want to bring a little extra excitement! The 8 person design team have partnered up in teams to create 4 challenges; each challenge has two parts. You must comment on each DT member's blog with a link to your completed page (members may link to the LP gallery). For each challenge you complete, you will be entered into a random drawing to win a prize from the Life Preservers Club!

My DT partner, Andrea, and I have your first challenge. Here is the first part of our challenge: You must complete a page with the theme 'Why I Scrap'. Before you start on your assignment, don't forget to visit Andrea's blog to find out what the second part of this challenge is.

Thanks so much for participating in the Life Preservers Club National Scrapbook Day Blog Hop!! Don't forget to visit Andrea's blog next to find out more! She'll let you know where to go for your next assignment. Have fun!

19 April 2010


Hello again, friends! Well, Spring has sprung...and so have the allergies! This year has been the worst for allergies for me. Usually, I just grin and bear it and wait for it to pass but this year I finally broke down and bought some Zyrtec. It seemed to work the first day I took it. Not so much today. Oh well....grin & bear it, I guess :)

On Friday I chaperoned Ethan's class trip to Marbles Kids Museum - FUN! I had charge of three kids (including my own) and they all survived! It was a madhouse. Apparently every elementary school in the district had their field trip that day. I'm glad it's over!

The GC5 Spring Market in downtown Wake Forest was this Saturday. I had a table set up there and did pretty well - certainly better than I expected! It was a GORGEOUS day (albeit a little windy) and there were some fabulous artists and artisans there. I met some wonderful people. I love how supportive of the arts and local commerce the Wake Forest community is. I'm considering applying for the local Farmers Market - though it may be too late because the season started earlier this month. I'll let you know ;)

Amanda from GC5 Vintage & Gifts is thinking of setting up another craft fair on May 1st. It's a little soon (don't know how much new product I can have ready) but I'm thinking of doing it. Yup, I had that much fun! If I do it, I hope to see some of you there!

Yesterday after church, I napped, played outside with the kids and had an overall fabulous day. I'm ready for a new week :)

I got some custom inquiries so I've got some work to do. Hope you all have a productive week!

05 April 2010


I hope your Easter was wonderful! My weekend was super busy but so very blessed. There were some Easter egg hunts, a church 'block party', church service on Sunday and of course, Easter dinner.

My Life Preserver's Club March kits also arrived last week - always a favorite time for me! I got three kits this month - the Featured, Alternate and Card kit. I also got the LP Exclusive Stamp set. If you're tempted to get a kit, go for it! There is NEVER any commitment - you can buy once or every month. And there is so much inspiration on the board gallery. Can you tell I just love them? :)

I've got to prepare some inventory for a show I'm doing on the 17th of April. I can't believe it's less than 2 weeks away and I haven't begun to prepare! If you're in the Wake Forest, NC area, stop by and say hello. It's the first (or second?) day of Herbfest 2010 in historic downtown WF. I'd love to see you there!

17 March 2010


Feeling lucky? Enter my giveaway below! :) You could win the scrapbook album of your choice from my shop!

Nothing exciting going on today. Ethan is home sick from school for the third straight day. He caught a cold for his birthday :( He turned 6 on Monday - I still can't get over how fast the time goes! I'm so blessed.