18 January 2008

January Kit again

Here's what I did with more of the January kit. I'll be listing it on ebay today. I so didn't want to make another PBA but I couldn't think of what else to do! LOL For my next DT month, I'm gonna think ahead. I think I have April.
I still have some paper left so I'm gonna do a layout maybe and then kill the kit and go back to my Valentine's day stuff. Yeah, I put that away without finishing so it's making me crazy. Gotta get back and finish with that. OCD much?

16 January 2008

January Kit Projects

I'm required to make 2 altered projects and 1 card per month. These are my first 2 projects - an altered box and cards to go inside!

15 January 2008

Regular Programming

K...here's my original music back ;) I've had my fill.

Feeling Urban

So, I've been in NC for 1 year and 1 month and I miss NYC music. It's just not the same here. Oh, they try - 105.1 is kinda like z100.3, 97.5 is kinda like HOT97.1 - they have no 97.9 (real latin music). So, while most of these songs are a few years old, here is my nod to my ex-radio stations who knew all about 'different' music.

14 January 2008

Valentine's Day/Love Cards

I made these last night and a couple this morning. I'm not sure if I'll list them on ebay or put them up in my website. Two of them are being donated to an OUAT DT ebay charity auction.

13 January 2008

It's finished!

This is what it looks like (you can catch all the pages on ebay). It was fun and I didn't get too bored with it cuz there are only 8 'pages' to decorate. I have the FAMILY and FRIENDS albums too. Maybe I'll get inspired. LOL I think I'll make a paper bag album next and then it's on to my DT obligations for the month.

I don't wanna start that yet cuz I still have this Valentine's day paper on my desk (and all over the floor and down the hall...) so I don't wanna put it away and bring it out later. Does anyone else do that? I take a kit or whatever I'm working on and work it to SHREDS before moving on (for the most part). I think I get bored with things so I don't wanna come back to it (ask my untouched paper holders). And...

Why can't I throw anything out?? I have tiny pieces of scrap and I think 'well, I can use the Sizzix and get a mini tag out of that!' or 'I can cut this into a photo corner'. It pains me - literally - to throw any of my scrapbooking paper (or just about any paper) away. I've got issues.

Off to clean the kitchen! G'nite!

I want to go to church.

But, I can't remember the name of the church my friend goes to and she's already at the early service so I can't get in touch with her. Maybe I'll get dressed and hope she calls me after she gets out.

So I went to the Smithfield outlet mall yesterday with my mom, sis, kids, her kids etc. Now I have a migraine AND I had nightmares! LOL Don't get me wrong, I love them but I think it was a little much for me. An outing, both children, the crowds - not a good combination. Got some stuff for myself which felt nice (it's been a LONG time) but made me feel guilty too! Ah, the life of a mom. It's not like I bought any one expensive item (does COACH count??). Well, the clothes were all pretty cheap - GAP & Banana Republic had some awesome sales! And actually, so did COACH! I paid less for the bag I got yesterday at the outlet than for my WALLET at the stores. I'm keeping it in the wrapping though and I might return it. I keep thinking about the million other things I could've done with that money! Ah, Merry Christmas to me.

If I don't go to church today, I'm gonna chill at home and finish this Valentine's day album I'm working on. I'll post pictures if I ever finish!

Have a blessed day everyone!