15 January 2008

Feeling Urban

So, I've been in NC for 1 year and 1 month and I miss NYC music. It's just not the same here. Oh, they try - 105.1 is kinda like z100.3, 97.5 is kinda like HOT97.1 - they have no 97.9 (real latin music). So, while most of these songs are a few years old, here is my nod to my ex-radio stations who knew all about 'different' music.


  1. Sorry you miss your music!
    Hey, love your valentine's cards and that LOVE book...it's so awesome!! AND girl there is nothing wrong with buying stuff yourself!! AND i'm the same with my scraps...i can't bear to throw anything out. LOL!

  2. Wish you could find a good radio station :)

  3. aww i sorry you miss your music. i love your taste in music as you know :D lol.


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