13 March 2008


How FABULOUS are these??? I don't remember how, but I stumbled upon this etsy store, KENNEDY&FRIENDS and absolutely fell in love with these tutus!! I'm itching to buy one for Ava's first birthday but I have to wait and see what she's gonna wear and what size she'll be. Isn't this the most precious thing?? Nathalie accepts custom order requests and has these tutus is stock in the most precious Princess-y colors. Check out her blog: http://www.kennedyandfriends.com and don't forget to visit her etsy store to buy one for your little princess!

12 March 2008


I'm in desperate need of it. I got my LPSC April Kit on Saturday and I'm just itching to make something!! But this is a crazy busy week for me. Last week it was cleaning in preparation for my parents' arrival. This week it's been entertaining them and preparing for my in-laws' arrival tomorrow and Ethan's birthday on Saturday. Doesn't seem like that much but add a cranky, teething 7 month old and there went ALL my time!

We're having Ethan's party at the bowling alley, like he wanted. I'm THRILLED that I won't have to clean up afterwards! Kris and Livy had their party there and we all had a blast so hopefully it'll be just as fun.

That's all I've got for now. Welcome to my BORING life! LOL