30 April 2008


Joi-c of SHMILY Design!

Yay Joyce! Thanks so much to all who participated! Look out for another giveaway...one of these days LOL.

Many of you know I was in KY this weekend where I met my beautiful friends from the Life Preservers Club message board. I had SUCH a great time!! The ladies were all as wonderful as I'd imagined and it was just a blast. I miss them already and I can't wait to get together again! I didn't get ANY scrapping done. I kinda figured I'd be gabbing the whole time so I only packed my two LP kits but I forgot my ATG!! (that's my tape runner) OMGosh I was so MAD at myself. I had to buy one of those stupid herma dotto tape runners (blech). Thankfully, it was on sale - but still! The other ladies had EVERYTHING so I guess I could've been productive if I'd wanted to :)

I did get some stuff done after I got home. Here are some projects that I got done with the LP April Alternate Kit: