25 January 2008

I cleaned my closet!

It took me all week but I'm (mostly) done! What a pain! This was gonna be my week to CLEAN - I mean down into the baseboards up into the mouldings CLEAN - but just my closet took all week. So, I'm thinking February will be my MONTH to CLEAN! LOL I wanted to start in my closet and work my way through my bathroom into the bedroom. I can't believe I never even made it that far. At least I started!

My coupons are STILL all over the table. I thought I had a handle on it and then I realized I didnt have enough holders for them. So, I finally got more holders LAST WEEK and there they sit. I think I need a nanny. But, since I trust no one, she/he would have to follow me around as I call out intructions to them - 'Pick her up! Change her diaper! Don't hold her like that!' Oh, I'd be a pleasure to work for, I'm sure - not TOO demanding! LOL

So, I ordered the 7gypsies revolving ATC holder. I found it for cheap with reasonable shipping so, of course, if it's on sale, how could I NOT?? In my dreams I have an infinite amount of space in a very private and very beautiful scrap room - all my own. I have my crop in style cubes spanning one wall, my desk on another and my gorgeous craft table in the middle. Ah, but I think sometimes I forget it's just a dream. I still have the making memories embellishment center here in the box. It's screaming for me to let it out but alas, I've no wall space. I'm thinking Ethan doesn't REALLY need a playroom, does he? If I move over a few inches every day, he may not notice. Funny thing? I remember when I started this obsession and I would work off of my tiny kitchen table. Then I thought 'If only I could share DH office'. Then, "If only I had a slightly bigger table. A piece of plywood really - that would be enough'. So, DH had his dad build me this SEVEN foot desk with 2 shelves spanning the whole thing. HEAVEN! Perfect for the new house, right? Fast forward to 2007, I get an additional desk. Fast forward to 2008, I've commissioned DH to build me a table similar to the Bedford craft table! Ah, will it ever be enough?? Hmm...probably not. I'm a MESSY scrapper, I need to spread out! But I am blessed - beyond measure, really - with a DH who puts up with it; encourages it even. Poor guy.

I'm going to bed now - it's 130a and I'm beat! I'll be dreaming of my ATC revolving holder.....

22 January 2008

Valentine Paper Bag Album

Here are some of the pages for that Valentine's day pba I told you about. At least it's done! LOL Looking forward to moving on!!!! Check out all the pages on ebay by clicking on any pic ;)

21 January 2008

We've got teeth!!

Ava's teeth finally cut through today. YAY!! She had her 6 month check up today and she's doing wonderfully (thank God). The doctor was impressed that she's up on all fours and rocking and pinching stuff - everything else is pretty much on target. She's so funny rolling around and around to get stuff - cracks me up.

After the doctor we went to Chuck E Cheese's. Blech - cranky baby, headache, a million kids off from school - you do the math.

This weekend was a total bust. I got up sick on Saturday and with a migraine to boot. Those of you who get migraines know - even after the migraine is gone (motrin) the lingering wanna be headache is still there. It was pretty horrible - I'm just glad it's not everyday like when I was preggo!

So I did nothing on Saturday and yesterday I worked on a Valentine's day pba but I was so completely uninspired that it was NO fun. I think I lost my mojo. If any of you gals see it, can you throw it back? I don't like feeling like I don't wanna scrap!

Oh - it SNOWED here on Saturday! LOL Well, Raleigh's version of snow anyway. My northern friends would LAUGH. I think calling it a light dusting (here in Rolesville anyway) is generous. Thank God it was the weekend and they didn't have to shut down the whole county! DH made Ethan a snowball by scraping the 'snow' off the car and let him keep it in the freezer. So, now we have a pet snowball :P

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! Here's to a blessed, migraine-free week ;)