01 March 2008


I thought about posting this morning, then I figured I'd let you sweat a little. It turned into such a busy day - I fell asleep on the sofa! LOL I was on my way to bed when I realized I'd better get on here and spill the beans while it's still March 1st.

So here it is....my secret...I made the PAPERPRIMP.com DESIGN TEAM! YIPPEEE! PaperPrimp is an online scrapbook store with an online community of wonderful, uber-talented, super sweet ladies. We've been issued our first Challenge to be sure to CHECK IT OUT!! Thank you Camille, for the opportunity!!

So, that was my big secret....heehee....Now you know ;)

29 February 2008


I can't tell you how many people think my secret is that I am PREGNANT!! I am THRILLED to tell you all you are so WRONG!! OMGosh, I get queasy just THINKING about it!! NO MAS for me! LOL Wouldn't that be something, though........................HAHAHAHA

Tune it tomorrow to find out!! heehee

27 February 2008


Ah! I'm finally done with my latest paper bag album! YAY! Why does it take me SO LONG to make one?? *sigh* If only I could charge a decent rate for my time (the creativity would be free LOL). So, here it is; my latest paper bag album: PS you can find it in my etsy store!

I hope you like it! You can find all the pics in my etsy store - so check it out!

Maybe I can work on a layout for myself now....or maybe I'll just finish the other project I was working on.......

25 February 2008


I came across a thread on the etsy forums by this artist, DesignzByLizzie. Her son has Austism and she is raising money to donate to New Horizons in Autism. Her son, Julian, designed this necklace and I love it! Isn't he talented?? So, if you love it, visit Lizzie's Store and get one!

24 February 2008


The LPSC February Warm Up Challenge is in full swing and this was my challenge: Shape up your journaling! Those of you who know me know that journaling on a layout is HUGE; a scrapbook without journaling is just a pretty photo album. My challenge is that you journal on a layout but not in the traditional left to right style of writing - do it in a shape! It can be a circle or a star or a swirl - WHATEVER. Here's my take:

So, my challenge for all my scrapbooking friends is to do just that - SHAPE UP YOUR JOURNALING on a layout today!

*If you complete this challenge by 3/1 and comment on this blog telling me so, I will enter your name in a drawing to receive a small prize from me!

PS LPS members are NOT eligible - you had your chance!! LOL

Ok I've been promising you a picture of the dolls that I bought from Marcene; well, here it is:

Aren't they the CUTEST!!! Check out her blog - she has other PRECIOUS dolls over there!