15 February 2009


Can you believe it? I'm posting for the third day in a row!! Let's hope this is a continuing trend :D.

Here's a picture of the cupcakes my little loves and I made yesterday:

We spent a pretty quiet day at home today. The weather was chilly again (47ish); hard to take after 70s temperatures last week. Ethan took Ava for a ride in his Jeep for the first time today and I got tons of pictures. They're so stinking cute! Henry took them for their drive and when I got outside I noticed neither of them had their shades on. I got Ethan his but I couldn't find Ava's 'eyes' (that's what she calls them). I know they're in here somewhere! Oh, and Ethan's hat? Yeah, that's from when he was 2. *sigh* Never send a man....... :)

I was also able to do my Cruise - Week 2 Layout today! YAY ME! The challenge was to use some of the colors in a beach picture that was posted. Here's my take (look hard to find the beachy colors :) ):

Have a great week, everybody! :D