14 February 2009


My all time favorite Valentine candy is chocolate from a little joint where I grew up called Lucas Candy. I remember it as being really expensive so I was only able to get it on special occasions. I don't know if it's the nostalgia or if it really is the best chocolate ever, but it's just not Valentine's day (or Easter) if there's no Lucas'.

Imagine my suprise when I recieved in the mail this week a box of Lucas chocolates from my Mom & Dad!! :D Thanks so much Mom & Dad. I'd show you a picture but I ate most of it. Henry & I & the kids each got our own little (huge) chocolate figure. Mine were white chocolate angels (yes, I got 2), Henry got an enormous milk chocolate bar, Ava got a white chocolate teddy bear (I'll be eating hers in a minute) and Ethan got a big ole milk chocolate dog (so cute!). The ones that haven't been eaten are headless or limbless so....you'll have to trust me that they were all really cute :)

On a sad note, I found out today that my in-laws aren't able to come next week :( Ethan was so looking forward to seeing his cousins (we all were!). I'm praying they get better quick and we'll have to reschedule for sometime soon.

I have yet to complete my layout for the Cruise challenge on LP and we leave for our next port tomorrow!!! YIKES! I'll have to work on something tonight.

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!! (Did I just say 'y'all'??)

12 February 2009


Yes, I know it's been almost a whole month since I visited with you. I've had this blog for just over a year now and this will be my 91st post. So much for keeping up with a daily record of my life's happenings! It just seems I don't have the time to write a post when I have something to say and then, when I finally get a minute, I've nothing to say.

So, what's happened since I last spoke to you? Well, let's see...I had some friends over for dinner and made my first paella (my MIL's recipe). It wasn't horrible :) It wasn't fabulous either. I guess I'll just have to practice some more. I'm excited to have tried it though and to have broken in the paella pan my MIL brought me from Spain last summer.

My parents were here for a week too. That was fun. I wish they'd just move here already. Thankfully, they're retired so they can come as often as they want. But it's not the same. I really miss my family (on both sides) in NY. My BIL and the family are scheduled to come next week. I'm so excited for that! The kids are gonna have such fun. I have to find out how long they're gonna be here so I can see what days to plan activities for. They'll probably be just happy hanging out here after such a long drive, though.

I got my Life Preservers Club kit this week! I got the alternate kit for February and it is YUMMY!! I also got the project kit but I haven't opened it yet....maybe tomorrow :D . My creations were super simple this month. I think I'm a pretty simple scrapper most of the time, but these pages are especially simple. I've been trying to use just what's in the kits for the DT submissions - nothing from my stash. It ain't easy, lemme tell ya. But it's not impossible either. I've commited to not buying anything except my kits this year, unless I need something for a custom order. Really, my stash is outta control (again) and I don't need so much!

So, here are my February LP DT submissions:

The fabulously creative duo that is the Life Preservers Club has come up with a fabulous new contest - they're taking us on an 8 week cruise around the world!! Ok, not for real...LOL - here's how it works: Every week they'll post a clue about some fabulous destination. You figure out the clue, send them a message and they'll send you back the challenge that you must complete before the next challenge is posted! Super fun and such a great way to get that scrap mojo flowing. We're at our second port now :) and I'm proud to say, I completed the challenge for week 1 and hope to work on week 2 this weekend. Won't you join us on our FABULOUS cruise??

That's it for now. Hopefully, I'll speak to you again soon!