14 February 2009


My all time favorite Valentine candy is chocolate from a little joint where I grew up called Lucas Candy. I remember it as being really expensive so I was only able to get it on special occasions. I don't know if it's the nostalgia or if it really is the best chocolate ever, but it's just not Valentine's day (or Easter) if there's no Lucas'.

Imagine my suprise when I recieved in the mail this week a box of Lucas chocolates from my Mom & Dad!! :D Thanks so much Mom & Dad. I'd show you a picture but I ate most of it. Henry & I & the kids each got our own little (huge) chocolate figure. Mine were white chocolate angels (yes, I got 2), Henry got an enormous milk chocolate bar, Ava got a white chocolate teddy bear (I'll be eating hers in a minute) and Ethan got a big ole milk chocolate dog (so cute!). The ones that haven't been eaten are headless or limbless so....you'll have to trust me that they were all really cute :)

On a sad note, I found out today that my in-laws aren't able to come next week :( Ethan was so looking forward to seeing his cousins (we all were!). I'm praying they get better quick and we'll have to reschedule for sometime soon.

I have yet to complete my layout for the Cruise challenge on LP and we leave for our next port tomorrow!!! YIKES! I'll have to work on something tonight.

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!! (Did I just say 'y'all'??)


  1. Mmmmmm...chocolate...*drool* lol Sorry your in-laws aren't able to come down, hopefully they'll make it soon!

  2. Mmmm is right! And you'd better leave that baby's bunny alone LOL I remember when Tyler was 6 months old someone gave him a chocolate bunny...like, WHO did they think was going to eat that? ME! oink oink :P
    Sorry about your company!


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