23 May 2008


For real. LOL. I can't believe it's been 15 days since I told you how busy I was and that I'd be back soon! Sheesh, time flies. I've just been so consumed by these custom orders. I'm trying to finish up my last one and then I'm taking a break. I need to slow down a little and pace myself - Summer's coming!

Let's see...what's happened since we chatted last....

I've got a garden! Well, my father in law gave us a few Spanish pepper plants and then dh went and got me cilantro and tomatoes. I'm so excited to see if they make it! If we don't kill these off, next year I want a full fledged garden - lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers - the works! Cross your fingers ;)

We also got 2 trees from my dad and 2 from my father in law. DH has been busy planting them. Who knew tree placement was such a chore? It's so funny how many little things I never really paid attention to until I got this house. Now I know what a crape myrtle and a red maple are and that petunias need full sun. I've got ferns hanging on the porch and my two palm trees that my dear neighbors gave me last summer are on either end of the porch. My first house is starting to feel like home!

I've been trying so desperately to find a round table in black for my kitchen. It has to be at least 48" (preferably bigger) but all I keep finding is glass top tables. I'm so sad :( I mean, I know Pottery Barn has the one I want but there is NO WAY I would pay Pottery Barn money even if I had it! I'm going to try the stores on Glenwood Ave. as a last resort. I keep checking craigslist but I've had no luck yet.

I joined the Etsy in Spanish Street Team! Check out our blog EtsyinSpanish.blogspot.com. They even featured one of my items: Princess at Work featured!

Oh, I went to Scrapmania at Archiver's on May 10th with some ladies from the MOMS club. I had SOOOOOOO much fun!! That was the best Mother's Day gift (except for my first Mother's day when Ethan came home from the hospital after two months) ever! I left just after 9p (I had been out all day in the HOT sun shopping) but some of the ladies stayed till 11p! I can't wait to do it again. I even got THREE pages done!! WAHOO!

So, that's all I've got for now. Pray that I am able to finish this album in the next couple of days so that I can move on. My customers have been wonderful, giving me carte blanche and relying solely on my vision for their projects and for that I'm grateful. Now, I need to take a little scrapping break and do something with the four kits I haven't yet opened!

Oh! Shout out to SANDRA CURRY - the newest member of the LifePreserversClub.com Design Team!! Marcene, I'm so sorry to see you go and I wish you well in your new job!