16 February 2008

Drumroll please

Ok gals (& guys?), time for the big reveal. Let me preface the photos by telling you the story: My dear, dear husband (bless his heart) brings me ALL of his trash before throwing it out, "in case you can make something with it, honey." Empty plastic CD cases (the ones that hold 100 cds when you buy them), scrap pieces of splintered wood, broken tools and the innards of his mechanical toys - all candidates for altering, in his mind. I've come to learn to respond, "No thanks, honey, I'm swamped", almost instinctively - usually without looking up.

Well, recently he painted most of the house and that required LOTS of painter's tape. "Here you go, babe; maybe you can use these." Heavy sigh, rolling eyes, grab the empty rolls & throw them in my 'alterables' drawer. Hopefully, he'll forget and I'll sneak them in the garbage when he isn't looking. But then I think maybe I better not; I may need them for something one day (I am a crafter, after all!!).

So, I decided yesterday to do a diorama. Don't laugh! Doesn't it sound so 7th grade? I'm excited though. It's been a LOOOONG time since I thought of something creative all on my own. Seems like I've been making the same things over and over. So, I'm thrilled to have made these and now I'm showing you. I hope you like them!! You may see them on Etsy soon (if I can bear to part with them!).
PS They look so much prettier in real life! LOL Oh well, you get the idea!

15 February 2008

I'm so excited!

I'm working on something that I think turned out pretty cute! LOL It's not done yet but I'll post it/them as soon as it's/they're done. It's an altered item - something I would normally have thrown in the garbage! LOL Curious? Keep checking in! :)

14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Couple more pages with my February LPSC Kit. I am so in love with this paper that I ordered more. Oh, it makes me sick to my stomach to think I may not have enough! Can you say ADDICT?
Off to make heart cookies with my baby boy.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

12 February 2008

Scrap Time

Ah, I finally got some scrap time today. It took me all weekend to clean off my desk and I finally got to open my February LP Kit today. OMGosh, I'm in love (surprise!) and I'm gonna have to see if Shellye has another! I hope something sells so I can pay for it LOL.

I got my dolls from Marcene yesterday - SO CUTE!!! I'll post a pic as soon as I can. Check out her blog and order one!

Did I ever tell you my parents were here this past week? Well, they were and they left yesterday. I wish they could've stayed a little longer but I'll see them again next month for Ethan's birthday.

Speaking of which, I've no idea what to do! He wanted a bowling party but we only know 6 kids here (I know BAD MOMMY!) and the minimum is 8. I'd rather stay home with the family and cut a cake but if he's gotta have friends there, then I'm outsourcing!! LOL Let somebody else clean it up!

I'm gonna try to sneak another page with my kit and then maybe something for ebay or etsy.

G'nite all!