08 November 2009


So, I didn't make any money at the show yesterday. But somehow I managed to spend money I didn't have! :) I LOVE books. LOVE.

As fate would have it, the table next to me was occupied by a bookbinder! Michael Greer of Leatherbound Book Works makes the most fabulous leatherbound book & journals. I held out till the very end of the show - then I just couldn't take it anymore!

He had a tiny Christmas tree on his table adorned with tiny book ornaments. I loved them and hoped they weren't for sale because I knew I just couldnt resist. Well, it turns out they were for sale so I bought two; one for each of my kids :P These tiny leatherbound books hold the story 'Twas the night before Christmas' complete with illustrations! They will definately be the keepsake ornament of 2009.