21 March 2009


Ethan's school hosted a Spring Bonnet Parade and egg hunt yesterday. When I first heard about it, I figured the girls would be wearing bonnets and the boys would...well, they'd just be there. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The boys wore bonnets too. I thought that was especially cruel. Thankfully, my kid is so cute, it doesn't matter what he wears :) Maybe the sunglasses man-ed it up a bit.

Here are some more projects using my LP March Alternate Kit. Now I think I can move on. I've got some planning to do - the LP Spring Crop is next week!!

18 March 2009


We celebrated Ethan's FIFTH birthday on Sunday. I can't believe my 2lb preemie is FIVE! It seems like only yesterday that I 'kangaroo' held him. Grandma and Papa were here to help us celebrate. Soon after they arrived Ethan said to me 'It's fun have them around'. I love that kid.

We had a Star Wars themed party. I blame the DS Lego StarWars game for his addiction. My brother (29 years old) is a HUGE Star Wars junkie and has bought Ethan SW stuff since he was born. I guess I can't escape it.......my kid is a Star Wars junkie too. The party was at Pump It Up and the kids had a blast! It was fun to watch.

So, we decided to have dinner at home with the family that night. As I'm preparing dinner, I hear a loud bang and see Ethan's head pop up from in front of the sofa. He looked terrified - I knew something was very wrong. He'd banged his face into the coffee table! I go running to him and his mouth is full of blood. I thought for sure he'd lost a tooth or three. After cleaning him up, I could see it was just a busted (very busted) lip that had caused all the bleeding and that his teeth were (thankfully) in tact. I almost breathed a sigh of relief till I looked at his face!! *sigh* Lemme show you.

Here he is on Tuesday:

Here he is yesterday:

Its definately getting better. Just breaks my heart. I'm thankful, though, that it wasn't much worse! He didn't want to go to school today because he was afraid his girlfriend would be scared of him. Too funny.

On to scrappier things.......

I received my LP March Kits this week - YUM!!! I have only opened one but I can't wait to get to the rest! Here's what I've done so far

I think that's all for now. Have a super Thursday, everyone! Until next time....... :)