21 September 2008


I decided to reorganize my work space; figured it would take a day or two. Yeah, not so much. Eight days later I just want to cry! OMGosh where did I get all this stuff? When did I think I would have time to do all this?? So, I have a 'giveaway' pile and a 'sell' pile. I'll be inviting some of the local gals over to rummage through my stuff and take what they can haul. Of course, the really good or expensive or brand spanking new stuff will be sold :). I so don't want to go back in there right now. I'm using my laptop in Ava's room :)

It's a GORGEOUS day in Raleigh today. I have all the windows open and though it's chilly (FINALLY!!), it feels so good! Can't be more than 70 degrees right now - I love it!

Guess I'd better buckle down and get to it. Into the abyss I go............