25 May 2010


Can it be? Is June REALLY just a few days away? It's almost time to start the Christmas count-down! Really.

Quick rundown of all the exciting things that have happened this month: Henry had an interview for a job, then didn't get it; Ava cut her hair with a safety scissors; Ethan got accepted into a magnet school for next year; I participated in another crafts fair; a friend offered her house for me to do a home show; and today I got offered another opportunity for consignment in a sweet shop here in Wake Forest. FUN!

Meanwhile, the school year is wrapping up and I'm just now realizing that I have to find things for Ethan to do while he's home with me. And they pretty much all have to be FREE because that's about all that fits in the budget right now :)

I got my Life Preservers Club May kits yesterday - the happiest time of the month for me. I've already started with the card kit.

It's almost crop time again on the Life Preservers Club message board! June 11th-13th, be sure to stop by for lots of fun challenges and games!

Before I let you go, I've got to share this sweet story with you. A few days ago we were all on the couch watching TV and I hear Ava whispering to herself next to me. I look over and lean in for a listen and this is what I heard, 'God, thank you for life. God, thank you for cookies." Melted my heart. I can't believe my little girl will be 3 soon! She's all 'growed' up *sniff sniff*

Have a wonderful week everyone!