21 March 2009


Ethan's school hosted a Spring Bonnet Parade and egg hunt yesterday. When I first heard about it, I figured the girls would be wearing bonnets and the boys would...well, they'd just be there. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The boys wore bonnets too. I thought that was especially cruel. Thankfully, my kid is so cute, it doesn't matter what he wears :) Maybe the sunglasses man-ed it up a bit.

Here are some more projects using my LP March Alternate Kit. Now I think I can move on. I've got some planning to do - the LP Spring Crop is next week!!


  1. lol Poor thing, but at least it looked like he was rocking that bonnet! Love what you did with the March kit, that wall hanging is so neat!

  2. Those bonnets are cute...and yes a bit cruel for the boys, but great that Ethan is such a good sport. Your Projects for March are adorable...i especially love that wall hanging!

  3. Ahhhh, he is only 5 & some day you will be glad he did wear it!! The sunglasses totally made him a man though!!!!

    I love that flower project you did!!! So cute!!! I love your LO's too!!


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