24 March 2009


The Life Preservers Club SPRING FLING CROP is almost here!! YAY!! I've been working hard this week getting some challenges together and trying to come up with a make & take. There have been LOTS of rejects that I was going to post here...then I realized I deleted the photos!! They sucked (pardon). Really really sucked. I haven't really done any creative thing since last month's kit so I'm outta practice. Just haven't been feeling very crafty...or scrapbooky for that matter. But, now that I have a few new pages under my belt with the new kit, I'm starting to think there is hope again!!

So, join us this weekend (Fri 27th in the pm - Sun 29th) for some FUN FUN FUN challenges, games, make & takes and even a super cool BLOG HOP :D You could even win some prizes......


  1. Well...i've been working on mine too...still waiting for my kit but i got plenty others to work with. My cigarette make and take sounds like it's not gonna work very well, since you guys have different cigarette packages than we do! LOL!...friggin' hell! Bwahahaha... I guess that's what I get for trying to scrap evil. LOL!

  2. by the way...you should have seen me trying to find two batteries for my camera...i raided every flashlight, remote, and other electronic device in the house....

    and my pics still turned out crappy!

  3. Can't wait for the crop! Woo hoo! Crop crop crop crop!


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