24 February 2008


The LPSC February Warm Up Challenge is in full swing and this was my challenge: Shape up your journaling! Those of you who know me know that journaling on a layout is HUGE; a scrapbook without journaling is just a pretty photo album. My challenge is that you journal on a layout but not in the traditional left to right style of writing - do it in a shape! It can be a circle or a star or a swirl - WHATEVER. Here's my take:

So, my challenge for all my scrapbooking friends is to do just that - SHAPE UP YOUR JOURNALING on a layout today!

*If you complete this challenge by 3/1 and comment on this blog telling me so, I will enter your name in a drawing to receive a small prize from me!

PS LPS members are NOT eligible - you had your chance!! LOL

Ok I've been promising you a picture of the dolls that I bought from Marcene; well, here it is:

Aren't they the CUTEST!!! Check out her blog - she has other PRECIOUS dolls over there!


  1. Love your layout and the dolls are adorable.

  2. I am taking your challenge, Melissa. I got something that I really want to scrap, so your challenge is another motivation for me to do so. Tereza

  3. Melissa...I did your challenge! I LOVE how it turned out! Even submitted it for pub!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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