23 February 2008

New Things

Don'tcha love 'em? So here's the deal: I changed my template so pictures of the stuff I make wouldn't get lost in the busyness, kwim? The other one started to look 'dirty' to me so I cleaned it up. Took me a few weeks to decide which one -What do you think? Now I'm just waiting for my site designer to come back from vacation to get my custom banner. Or maybe I'll just buy a new one? Ah, I kinda want it to match my pretty business cards so I guess I'd better wait.

Also, I've decided to feature etsy artists on here. OMGosh, if you haven't perused www.ETSY.com, you don't know what you are missing! That place is INCREDIBLE! So many talented artists; from soapmakers to clothing designers to painters to jewelry makers to a guy who writes messages on toast using pasta and takes a picture and sells the pic! LOL I am overwhelmed by the talent on there.

It's easy to get lost in the crowd, though, because there are so many sellers. So, I'm gonna do my part to help by featuring (completely at random at first) artists whose work I love. That way, you can love them too ;) I'm going to my first Etsy Street Team meeting here today to meet local etsy artists - I'm so excited!

So, be on the look out for my favorite etsy artists coming soon.

PS Did I tell you I CHOPPED my hair off - again. Ah, went twice to have it fixed but I'm still not happy. I miss my Dominican girls!!!! Only THEY know how to do my hair :( I wish I could just JUMP to NY, get it done and get back! *sigh* Oh well, it's only hair...

PPS 1 more week till I tell you my secret....shhhh........


  1. Whats the secret??? I cant wait!
    I love etsy too, get lost for hours though it's like being in a huge gallery!


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