01 March 2008


I thought about posting this morning, then I figured I'd let you sweat a little. It turned into such a busy day - I fell asleep on the sofa! LOL I was on my way to bed when I realized I'd better get on here and spill the beans while it's still March 1st.

So here it is....my secret...I made the PAPERPRIMP.com DESIGN TEAM! YIPPEEE! PaperPrimp is an online scrapbook store with an online community of wonderful, uber-talented, super sweet ladies. We've been issued our first Challenge to be sure to CHECK IT OUT!! Thank you Camille, for the opportunity!!

So, that was my big secret....heehee....Now you know ;)


  1. You are such an amazing artist this doesn't surprise me at all! Congrats! You are amazing lady!

  2. congrats sis!!!!!!!! you rock and it doesn't surprise me one bit that you made it!!!!

  3. Congratulation ! It is well deserved as you ROCK ! Always great to see what you have created !

  4. Congratulations Melissa. I am super happy for you!! You are so talented and I can't believe i haven't visited your blog in ages...lots of catching up to do here. :)

  5. CONGRATS Melissa!!!!!! You do such amazing work...like Jane said...it does not surprise me at all!!!!! So happy for ya GF!!!!


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