21 January 2008

We've got teeth!!

Ava's teeth finally cut through today. YAY!! She had her 6 month check up today and she's doing wonderfully (thank God). The doctor was impressed that she's up on all fours and rocking and pinching stuff - everything else is pretty much on target. She's so funny rolling around and around to get stuff - cracks me up.

After the doctor we went to Chuck E Cheese's. Blech - cranky baby, headache, a million kids off from school - you do the math.

This weekend was a total bust. I got up sick on Saturday and with a migraine to boot. Those of you who get migraines know - even after the migraine is gone (motrin) the lingering wanna be headache is still there. It was pretty horrible - I'm just glad it's not everyday like when I was preggo!

So I did nothing on Saturday and yesterday I worked on a Valentine's day pba but I was so completely uninspired that it was NO fun. I think I lost my mojo. If any of you gals see it, can you throw it back? I don't like feeling like I don't wanna scrap!

Oh - it SNOWED here on Saturday! LOL Well, Raleigh's version of snow anyway. My northern friends would LAUGH. I think calling it a light dusting (here in Rolesville anyway) is generous. Thank God it was the weekend and they didn't have to shut down the whole county! DH made Ethan a snowball by scraping the 'snow' off the car and let him keep it in the freezer. So, now we have a pet snowball :P

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! Here's to a blessed, migraine-free week ;)

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  1. WAHOOOOO omg i can't believe she FINALLY cut a tooth. bout time miss cranky butt LMAO. maybe now that she did you can get some peace with out tons of screaming going on.

    sorry you were sick :( and omg i hate migraines and know exactly what you are talking about. what a crappy day you had saturday.

    ps: i would love some snow even if it's just a little LOL


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