13 January 2008

I want to go to church.

But, I can't remember the name of the church my friend goes to and she's already at the early service so I can't get in touch with her. Maybe I'll get dressed and hope she calls me after she gets out.

So I went to the Smithfield outlet mall yesterday with my mom, sis, kids, her kids etc. Now I have a migraine AND I had nightmares! LOL Don't get me wrong, I love them but I think it was a little much for me. An outing, both children, the crowds - not a good combination. Got some stuff for myself which felt nice (it's been a LONG time) but made me feel guilty too! Ah, the life of a mom. It's not like I bought any one expensive item (does COACH count??). Well, the clothes were all pretty cheap - GAP & Banana Republic had some awesome sales! And actually, so did COACH! I paid less for the bag I got yesterday at the outlet than for my WALLET at the stores. I'm keeping it in the wrapping though and I might return it. I keep thinking about the million other things I could've done with that money! Ah, Merry Christmas to me.

If I don't go to church today, I'm gonna chill at home and finish this Valentine's day album I'm working on. I'll post pictures if I ever finish!

Have a blessed day everyone!


  1. Melissa spoil yourself a little. We all need to do it once in a while.

  2. aww sis don't feel bad. keep it all. i know the feeling though. you better not return it LOL i will kick your booty. you deserve it all and you have been bustin your but with ebay stuff and etc etc. so you better keep it all LOL


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