13 January 2008

It's finished!

This is what it looks like (you can catch all the pages on ebay). It was fun and I didn't get too bored with it cuz there are only 8 'pages' to decorate. I have the FAMILY and FRIENDS albums too. Maybe I'll get inspired. LOL I think I'll make a paper bag album next and then it's on to my DT obligations for the month.

I don't wanna start that yet cuz I still have this Valentine's day paper on my desk (and all over the floor and down the hall...) so I don't wanna put it away and bring it out later. Does anyone else do that? I take a kit or whatever I'm working on and work it to SHREDS before moving on (for the most part). I think I get bored with things so I don't wanna come back to it (ask my untouched paper holders). And...

Why can't I throw anything out?? I have tiny pieces of scrap and I think 'well, I can use the Sizzix and get a mini tag out of that!' or 'I can cut this into a photo corner'. It pains me - literally - to throw any of my scrapbooking paper (or just about any paper) away. I've got issues.

Off to clean the kitchen! G'nite!

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  1. OMG SIS i totally love this. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

    and umm if i could scrap with just one set of paper till it's gone i would, but since i am doing ashley's baby pics i can't. so i am constantly getting things out putting them back getting things out AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LOL drives me bonkers.

    ohh and i save all the tiny pieces too and i have the color coded. OMG i am psycho LOL


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