19 April 2010


Hello again, friends! Well, Spring has sprung...and so have the allergies! This year has been the worst for allergies for me. Usually, I just grin and bear it and wait for it to pass but this year I finally broke down and bought some Zyrtec. It seemed to work the first day I took it. Not so much today. Oh well....grin & bear it, I guess :)

On Friday I chaperoned Ethan's class trip to Marbles Kids Museum - FUN! I had charge of three kids (including my own) and they all survived! It was a madhouse. Apparently every elementary school in the district had their field trip that day. I'm glad it's over!

The GC5 Spring Market in downtown Wake Forest was this Saturday. I had a table set up there and did pretty well - certainly better than I expected! It was a GORGEOUS day (albeit a little windy) and there were some fabulous artists and artisans there. I met some wonderful people. I love how supportive of the arts and local commerce the Wake Forest community is. I'm considering applying for the local Farmers Market - though it may be too late because the season started earlier this month. I'll let you know ;)

Amanda from GC5 Vintage & Gifts is thinking of setting up another craft fair on May 1st. It's a little soon (don't know how much new product I can have ready) but I'm thinking of doing it. Yup, I had that much fun! If I do it, I hope to see some of you there!

Yesterday after church, I napped, played outside with the kids and had an overall fabulous day. I'm ready for a new week :)

I got some custom inquiries so I've got some work to do. Hope you all have a productive week!

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