23 March 2008


'Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He has risen!' Luke 24: 5,6

Here's what the Easter bunny left Ethan (that's an alien towel sticking out) and Ava. I know, I know. Easter is not about the Easter bunny. But, who can resist such CUTENESS?? They also got obscenely HUGE baskets from Grandma/Papa and Nana/Papa and LOADS of candy from Tio/Titi Rose. I'm still waiting to see what Titi/Tio Angel bring. It's usually not candy, so I'm not too worried. I'm thinking we may have to coordinate next year and get the grandparents to get them books or something. It's gonna take them 3 years to eat all this stuff!

I'm off to start cooking and cleaning before I have to actually start my day. Happy Easter blessings everybody!


  1. Happy Easter Melissa! God Bless, I hope you have a wonderful Easter

  2. happy easter sis. i can't wait to see pics!!!!!

  3. What a great Easter and love the gifts..Happy Easter to all of you..

  4. Sounds like the Easter Bunny was good to Ethan and Ava!!! And you are right it ain't what is all about but...who can resist!!! After all that candy...make him scrub his teeth good....I have been to the dentist so much with my kiddos this year...it is not even funny!! GRRRRRR!!!!

  5. Awww...cute baskets!!! We know the meaning behind Easter too, but we still do Easter baskets! It's okay as long as you teach them the true meaning!! ;o) Can't wait to see more pics!!


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