07 January 2008

Manic Monday.......

I didn't get my Christmas decorations down. I didn't start the Valentine's day projects I have to do. I didn't finish the laundry or shine the floors like I wanted to. *sigh* Oh well, there's always tomorrow!

Did I say 'Happy 3 King's Day' yesterday??? Happy belated then. I'm thinking I'm gonna do it up with the kids next year. It is, after all, the 12th day of Christmas! So many of my cultural traditions are lost on me and my kids - I'm thinking it's time to bring them back.

I got my day 7 layout done for the BP LOAD challenge. I hope to start my Valentine's day stuff tmrw but I've got lot's of cleaning to do before my Mom gets here! She's arriving on Wednesday and she's staying with my sister!! What's up with that?? LOL (just kidding mom & miv). That's ok. I'm still hitting them up for babysitting services. Isn't that what aunts and granmothers are for?? I need some me time. Maybe I can finally get that manicure my MIL sent me money for. Isn't she sweet. I about cried when I opened the card she sent me with the gift of manicure money inside!

I know, I'm blessed.

Good nite!!


  1. hehehehe...i didn't get anything done either and I still have my christmas trees up too! HA! A manicure eh??? I been wanting to get some of those porcelain nails for so long...the french manicure ones....and a hair cut. THIS WEEK girl.... xo

  2. omg i didn't get anything done either and my tree is still up LMAO. i have never had a manicure done. ahhh i bet it would be sooo nice.

    love you sis

  3. Melissa just remember it will be there tomorrow :) LOL! I hope you get some me time.


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