05 January 2008

Got another one done!

I got another layout done today for the BP LOAD challenge! YAY! That makes 3 - only 28 more to go. I thought maybe today I would just scrap the day away - wishful thinking. One is better than none so I'm happy. I also FINALLY listed the 2008 planner I made on ebay. I worked on that thing forever. It was a great idea that turned into a MONSTER of a book. I will never get enough for it to have justified making it but it was fun to do. I think this year I'll make a set of pages every month with my kits so that in December I'll have a whole planner's worth of pages without having spent a month on it!!
Off to make dinner (yeah, I know it's 630p!). Have a great night!


  1. Love your layout Melissa! Your work is so pretty!

  2. Ava has a gorgeous smile!!!!

  3. omg ava is soooo beautiful, just like her momma. the whole lo is fabulous!!!!


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