03 January 2008

I'm not a slave!!

I'm not a slave to this blog. And yet, here I am still tweaking. What have I accomplished today? Not a whole lot.

I stayed up late last nite working on a layout for the BIG PICTURE layout a day challenge - so late, I missed the deadline for yesterday's entry! Oh well, I guess it'll be today's entry. I love scrapping for myself after having made all those Christmas gifts and custom orders over the last month. Don't get me wrong, I welcome the business! But I started scrapping to preserve MY memories and it seems I don't do enough of that lately. Count that as another resolution!

I haven't made it to Harris Teeter for triple coupons yet either. My friend, April, dropped off her extra coupons for me to look through and I've just finished that now. I think I'll try to go after the kids go to bed tonite. This couponing business requires so much time and energy and organization! DH isn't convinced it saves us money because he says TIME is money. It takes me so much time to get everything together that he thinks it's just not cost effective. But I LOVE to see the receipt when it says 'Savings: $50.00' ! I'll get a system going soon enough, I'm sure.

I'm off to accomplish something....anything. Although, I really want to nap......


  1. lol no you are not a slave to this blog so stop tweaking already LOL it looks fabulous. just tweak on it when you have nothing to do and need something to do or don't wanna do anything then you can use this as an excuse LOL

    ohh and yup i would have to agree with henry on the whole coupon thing LOL as much as i would love to save all that money, it just isn't worth the time and hassle for me LMAO. BUT i do wish you good luck in it and hey you may convince me to do it if you think it's worth it LOL

    LOVE YOU BIG SIS!!!!!!!!

  2. Coupons. I love to save money too, but i'm terrible...if i know i've saved money, i feel like i'm justified then, to spend what i've saved on scrapbooking supplies. HA! I just got back from Michaels...wasn't going to buy anything...just look for a "HOW TO DRAW MANGA" book for my daughter, and i bought a circle cutter and a bunch of frames...and an $80.00 bill. LOL!

    P.S. I love your taste in music.

  3. LOL!!! I've got to laugh they do take a lot of time till you get it the way you want it ;)


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