04 January 2008

His Strength is Perfect

I've had this song in my head since yesterday. I absolutely LOVE it - it's gotten me through some tough times. Just thought I'd share it with you...maybe you need it too :). Click on the link to hear it


So, last night I started organizing my coupons and I went online to HT to get my list going. I finished around 1am and decided I was gonna go shopping right then! LOL I got back around 215am. Of course, that was the night that Ethan decided he was thirsty AND we had no apple juice. Thankfully, when DH called to tell me, I was already on my way back - with apple juice! I saved $40some - not too bad. Then, this morning I went to Lowe's w/more coupons (only double there) and saved another $20 or so. I'll get the hang of it one day. I even got myself a huge BINDER to put my coupons in and dividers for each section of the supermarket!! LOL Can you believe it?? I'm THAT woman! You know the crazy, penny pinching housewife with a BINDER full of coupons buying ONLY stuff that's on sale! Ah, I swore I'd never be her...and yet, here I am! I thought I was thrifty before - I've only begun to scratch the surface. Think of how much money I'll save on food to spend on scrapbooking stuff! (insert evil smiley here!) LOL I'll have to take a pic of my super coupon binder for you all to laugh at. It has a zipper and compartments and everything!

I did another layout for the BP LOAD challenge. That's 2 and I should be on 5 tmrw. I really hope to get all 31 done before the month's end. Don't know if it'll happen but I can try!

Well, that's all for now, I think. I have rebates to submit. Did I tell you about the black & decker dust buster I got at Linens & Things for $29.99 and they're giving me a $25 gift card back? A dustbuster for $4.99 after all is said & done! There are bargains to be had ladies!

Oh, and I went to Target today and they had their Christmas stuff at 75% off. So, of course, I got 4 little wreaths like the ones I have on the windows outside downstairs. Next year, I'll have matching wreaths on all 8 windows in the front. Now I need to find 2 more for the windows above the garage. Maybe I'll go to another Target tmrw.


  1. Melissa go sign up at Mrrebates.com and you will get some great rebates from places like Linen's and things :)

  2. Melissa...That song..His Strength is Perfect. is my favorite song!!! I was so touched by the beautiful video. I have an 10x13 picture of Jesus with the little blond hair boy on his knee hanging in my living room by Johns things...it looks so much like my John. Thank you for sharing this... I really needed it!!

    Have fun with the coupons and rebates...I do it a little here and there.


    and omg woman, shopping at 1 am is insane LOL you crazy shopper you LMAO


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