20 August 2012


It was Autumn last time I wrote ... and it's about to be Autumn again. But I have a really good excuse this time. Promise.

Last Fall, soon after school had started and life was beginning to fall into a rhythm again, I started to feel sick. Like ... overrun, tired, just blah. Then I got a nasty cold.  Around Halloween, I knew something wasn't quite right. I lost the hearing in my left ear, my cold wouldn't go away, I was tired all the time, the smell of coffee made me puke.  Yeah, can you imagine?  COFFEE made me puke.  I knew then exactly what was wrong.  I was pregnant!!  Once I took the test to confirm, you'd think I'd be thrilled.  But I was devastated.  It was such bad timing. I would be 39 when the baby was expected, my youngest would be going to kindergarten, financially it was a fiasco of epic proportions, plus I'd had severe pre-eclampsia with both pregnancies before - just bad all around.  I was terrified of telling my parents and in-laws.  I was so depressed that I didn't tell anyone except for my husband and my sister.  I was kind of embarrassed, too - who gets pregnant at almost 39?? But keeping it a secret was really taking a toll on me.

A few weeks in, I took a step back and decided to take a look at the big picture. I think it was an episode of '18 Kids & Counting' that inspired me. I didn't normally watch the show so I must've stumbled upon it while flipping channels or something.  Maybe God wanted to let me know something :)  Sure, we were in dire financial straights, and yes, pregnancy does not agree with me, and so what if I'm old?  My baby was a gift from heaven - a gift that so many women would die and have killed for! I thought of my friends who wanted so desperately to have one (or another) and were unable. And the ones who needed expensive medical intervention or had experienced miscarriages. Who was I to complain?  How could I not be GRATEFUL?  It was then that I decided that no matter what anyone's reaction was, I would let all of the family know and I would be HAPPY no matter what.  So I told them.  And they were thrilled!  I'm sure they had their concerns but it was such a relief to have that secret out and they were so supportive.  It made me wonder what I had been so upset about to begin with.

The pregnancy was difficult (as usual for me).  In addition to my standard pre-eclampsia, this time I also had gestational diabetes (& a host of minor ailments I'd never had before) and was on a bunch of medication.  I had NO energy and spent all of my time on the couch napping all day.  My AWESOME husband took care of EVERYTHING - all the cleaning, food shopping, cooking, etc.  And I made it to 38 1/2 weeks!!  My first was born at 30 weeks & weighed 2 lb 6 oz; my second was born at 36 weeks & weighed 6 lb 4 oz; and this was my biggest baby born at 38 weeks & weighed 6 lb 14 oz!

And here he is, Thomas Henry

Can you stand it??  I'm so in love.  There are no words.  I am so grateful to God for this little blessing. *sigh*

While I was pregnant, my Etsy shop fell by the wayside.  I'm just now starting to get back into the groove of things.  I've had a few custom orders and suddenly I'm itching to get back into my creative zone.  I didn't realize how much I missed it!  I've also opened up a second shop, 4 Archer Street, where I'll be selling eco-friendly/recycled creations.  I'm hoping to have it stocked and open for business by September 15th ... but who knows?  I'll keep you posted ;)

So, thanks again for waiting ever so patiently for me to show up.  You rock.

PS I love coffee again.  I'm drinking it 4 times (or more) a day now.  Probably to make up for the nine months I couldn't have it.  I know; you're relieved.   


  1. OMG!
    It was worth the wait. Congratulations! Thomas is sooo cute!
    I just had my third girl 6 months ago and was facing lot of doubts too I also just told my parents and sister when I nearly miscarridge and had to stay in bed. It was then that I found out how much I wanted this baby. And now I'm so happy! As you are! I'm sure we'll work it out! All the best for you and your family!

  2. Thank you so much, Marta! Isn't it amazing how everything just works out? Congrats on your little Princess :) Wishing you all the best!

  3. Almost passed out when I saw that you had B.L.O.G.G.E.D hehehe! Thomas is just gorgeous! My third one was a surprise too and although I was turning 30 rather than almost 40, it still hit me the same. Now, I can't imagine life without my little caboose!
    Thank goodness for Words With Friends and Draw all of those months on the couch, right? :) Love ya!

  4. I haven't been around lately...decided to check you up and nearly died when I saw this. Congratulations sweetheart! Thomas is gorgeous and I'm glad everything turned out okay. God is good eh? Miss and Loves....xo Sandra :)


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