27 February 2013


OK, I'm a little late :)  But I do hope your 2013 has gotten off to a great start!

Little Tommy has been keeping me busy.  He's 8 months old already! There's so much that I didn't remember about having a baby in the house again.  Like, how much of your time they require!  My memory isn't great, I admit it, but I kinda remember being able to craft when my other two were little.  It's all I can do to get dinner on the table these days and never mind keeping the house tidy or doing any crafting.  But I realized the other day that I'm kinda sad that I've not been able to create anything.  Even sadder when I realized it's been a YEAR AND A HALF since I sat down in my craft room and made something just 'cause I wanted to!  Yikes. 
So, I decided that I will change that.  My craft room is in complete disarray.  I'd gotten a few orders over this last year and every time I made something to fulfill the order, I just kept all my supplies on my table or strewn about on my desk.  Well, I've started to clean up but, my goodness, what a task it is!!!  It'll take me weeks to get down to where I can get back to work but, just being in here and seeing my things makes me feel so much better already.  I've got lots of stuff to get rid of, including some of the things I've made and not sold.  I want to start fresh when I open my etsy shop (WhimsyPics) back up.  (I do have another etsy shop, www.4ArcherStreet.etsy.com for my upcycled creations).

With a clean space in mind :)  I've decided to host some giveaways!  This first one is for a set of 5 all occasion greeting cards I made a few years back.  Envelopes are included. The sentiments are:
*Miss You
*Keep in Touch
*Time Flies
*Thinking of You
*Thank You

I'm using rafflecopter to host this giveaway - just enter using the link below!  The contest will run through Saturday, March 1st, at midnight.  You can tweet about it for an extra entry every day! Don't forget to tell your friends.  Check back to see if you're the winner and then look out for the next giveaway!  You've gotta help me clear this place out 'cause I'm itching to get to work again!!

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