22 September 2011


I know the official first day of Autumn isn't until Friday but...I'm so ready. It's been a hot, crazy Summer! I *love* everything about Fall; the cooler weather, the gorgeous colors, the hayrides and pumpkin picking, farm visits, sweaters, jeans, Uggs.....{HEAVEN}. I love hosting Thanksgiving dinner, too. I'm already thinking of my menu. Is that weird? :) Oh, and the decorations! I'm just giddy with anticipation. I've got a few pumpkins out on the porch already. And now I'm on the hunt for a little wagon like this:

How beautiful is that vignette? And I might even try my hand at painting some of the pumpkins like this:

Can you stand it? Can you stand how cute these are? I tell ya, I can barely contain myself. So stinking pretty. Tomorrow I'm going to buy some mums, I decided. And maybe some hay bales at the craft store. I can't wait any longer! Yay Fall!!

Let me show you a couple of mini paper bag albums I've made for Halloween. You know I adore My Mind's Eye paper and this new Halloween line is adorable! I'm itching to get the Christmas one too, but my local Archiver's doesn't have it yet. I was trying to avoid buying it online but...I don't know how much longer I can wait!! I saw it more than a month ago online and I probably should've bought it then! Anyway, here are the two little albums I've made: (I should probably move on to Christmas stuff but I want to use up ALL the Halloween stuff before I move on ;) )

As always you can find both in my Etsy store :)

Oh! PS Did I tell you I won the Play Date Cafe challenge that time I entered?? Oh yeah, baby! can't wait to play with my new stamps! :)

I'm off to sit in carpool while I wait for my son to get out of school. Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Exciting stuff Melissa. Love your cute albums and like you i am looking forward to sneeking a few seasonal bits and peices down.Infact this week i did just that Whootah my paper mache owl came down and a few felt bits and i hope too have a few pumpkins and would love to decorate outside but i have a feeling someone might aquire them. We will see :) Happy Fall x

  2. Those are SO cool. I love them. Everything pictured. I so much want to open a groovy retail store. If I do, those are going in it.


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