13 January 2011


Remember that table I found on craigslist a couple of years ago? You can see it here. LOVE, right?? I used it as my work table forever. It is just...perfect. Well, for Ethan's birthday last year I decided my little round kitchen table wasn't gonna accommodate all his friends so, I asked my husband to bring my gorgeous big table downstairs and I'd take the little round one. It turns out the big table is perfect for downstairs, too.

So, we sanded the big table down (it was pretty scratched up) so that I could stain or paint it (hadn't decided which) and bring it back to my work space. Except it's still downstairs a year later. With as many guests as we have, it only makes sense to keep it in the kitchen. But I REALLY miss my huge table. This tiny round thing ain't cutting it. I can't spread out. It's always a mess. I need a huge table again.

Here's the thing. I can't find one I love. Of course, it must be used or on clearance because the budget doesn't allow for much :). I've been searching for the better part of this past year and have come up empty. SO FRUSTRATING. I'm not TOO picky but...it can't be ugly. I mean, it can be ugly as long as I can clean it up and it has good lines. See the pretty curvy legs on my big table? I want that. And that huge surface? I want that, too. Oh, and it can't cost too much, either.

So, I'm on the hunt again. Or still. I need the perfect table.

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