06 June 2008


I've listed a few things on craigslist lately - mostly things that Ava's outgrown and I've become a little bit of a junkie for it! I lost out on this gorgeous formal living room set with wingback chairs and matching loveseat and tables and everything because dh was skeeved about getting used furniture. I cried. It was so perfect and soooooo cheap! Grrr, I get so mad thinking about it!

Anyway, so I keep browsing in hopes of finding treasures to fill my emtpy home. Well, I came across this yesterday and decided I was going to go for it. It was my birthday money and I'm using it for MY scrap space so dh can be as skeeved as he wants but I AM GETTING IT! So I did. Isn't is just GORGEOUS?

Right now it's in the empty formal living room. The cardboard on the legs was for transporting it. I can't wait to get it in my scraproom! It's a huge surface and I'm gonna use it all up :)

My birthday was awesome. On Saturday dh, the kids and I went down to Glenwood Ave. in search of furniture. We did lots of window shopping, no buying, but it was fun - well, as fun as it can be with two cranky kids. Then Sunday (my actual birthday) I left the kids with my sister and dh and I went out. He got me the table set I wanted for the kitchen - I LOVE IT - and we had Japanese food. It was GREAT to be without the kids!

I've decided that I spend more time putting Ava to sleep than doing anything else even though I swore I wouldn't do it again after Ethan. She's always been a good sleeper but the last month or so she's started waking up at night and rather than listening to her cry, I would get up and rock her. Well, on Wednesday nite when she got up at 2am I just couldn't take it anymore. I put her down in her crib and she screamed for what seemed like forever! But, I was good. And she fell asleep. Last night, I did it again and when I put her down she didn't cry but for a minute, sat up in her crib for about 10 minutes and went right down. Tonight, I just put her down a little bit ago and she just stopped crying and is now asleep. I guess it does work! Oh, it just breaks my heart to hear her cry and not comfort her. *sigh* You know what though? I noticed she took a long nap today too. Hmmm.... maybe the experts are right! :)

On etsy news: I'm in a treasury today and I also snagged one! If I could get the screen image I'd post it here but thumbalizr isn't working for me right now. Maybe I'll try again later. Ok here's the one I'm in: NC TREASURY and here's the one I made: A Tribute to Puerto Rico. Come check them out!


  1. im glad you had a great birthday :) I have been shopping recently on craigslist too because I am moving next month and need a bed. Glad you found that awesome table !!!

  2. i totally love the table sis. i am so happy that you and your dh got to go out. i bet you had so much fun.

    ps: i love the treasury you made. it's got some beautiful stuff on there. the nc treasury link didn't work for me though. it said server not found. ohh well lol

  3. Oh I love your table! And sorry about the furniture! I miss visiting with you.

  4. I love love love that table!!!

    Don't you hate letting them cry? It is so worth it after a few days when they finally get it & they sleep so good!!!

  5. yah..sometimes the experts are right...except when it doesn't work!!! haha When I had my last one it was the teenagers that would not allow the baby to cry....they would go get him out of his crib. it used to make me mad!!! ahhh....he is 7 now and all is well. I am glad that Ava is getting the hang of it though.It makes it so much easier on mom and dad and better for baby.

    If someday you come home to find your table missing....uh...it was me!!! hahaha Gorgeous find!!


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