06 April 2008


It feels like the rain hasn't stopped for the last couple of weeks! I love a rainy day - I only wish I could just curl up with the kids and watch a good movie. But, I'm swamped! I hadn't even noticed it's been almost a week since my last post.

I'm trying to clean up my space as I've finally finished the first of four custom albums. I took advantage of the stuff I had lying around a made a few things for etsy but the weather isn't cooperating so I could only get a few good pictures. Here they are - the tags and diorama were such hits, I did them again:

I finally signed Ethan up for his webkinz account. I figured I might as well give in. He has 3 and is always on my computer anyway. We really need to get him one - I don't like to share ;)

I'm off to finish cleaning my scrap space. I'm itching to rearrange it so I told dh and he says 'Why don't you wait till I give you my office'. Grrr...I think he's toying with me. And besides, I want to do it NOW not four months from now!! *sigh* I'm off to clean....

Have a great week everybody!


  1. Your paper products are so beautiful! I wish I could do stuff like that. Hope you had fun cleaning :)

  2. congrats on taking over hubbies office,wait till he's out one afternoon and just move him. Tell him he said it was going to be yours any way :)

  3. Gorgeous stuff Melissa!!!

    Tell Henry to get OUT!!

  4. omg that diorama and tags are to die for.

    tell henry to get out of the office NOW tell him i said so HAHA


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