31 March 2008


and I've nothing new to report :) Still working on those custom albums - I hope I can get them done by the end of next week! My customer is such a doll - I wanna get them PERFECT for her. Hmmm.... what else can I tell you?

I ordered the template for my new business cards from Joyce (see below) this weekend. Can't wait to see what she comes up with. I also ordered my custom stamp of my avatar so my 'brand' has a cohesive look.

I gotta tell ya: I received a package today of something that I had ordered on etsy. And, while the item was just darling, I was a little disappointed. There was NO thank you, no 'invoice', no business cards - NOTHING - in with the item! ?? Every item I send out is wrapped, tied with pretty ribbon, put in a cellophane bag/wrapper (if it fits) and I include an invoice with a handwritten thank you and usually a blank Thank You card that the customer can use later. Now, I understand that my ways may seem excesive to some but I call it good customer service. You don't have to go all out but how 'bout you print the order page and scribble, ' thanks for your order - come back again' or something? What if someone likes what I purchased and asks me where I got it? I've no business cards from you to use as a reference. If I'm buying from you, I probably like your stuff; maybe even enough to refer you to my friends/family. Do yourself a favor - pack a business card in. And remember to say 'thanks'.

I'm gonna get back to work now. :)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your albums are beautiful!

  2. I agree...that bit of personal touch goes a long way!!

  3. Very true just a simple thank you means a lot!

  4. Your welcome. I hope the picture cheating tip worked well for you. I'll be bloggin about my new little pooch. She's perfect for me!


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