12 April 2008


to me! It's been one year today since I signed up with Etsy and today I received my 200th heart!! Yay me! For those of you unfamiliar with etsy.com (gasp!), when someone likes your shop they 'heart' you. It's like a favorites list. So, I'm psyched about that.

In honor of my etsyversary I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on anything in my shop for TODAY and TOMORROW ONLY (4/12 & 13)! You don't have to do anything but wait for a revised invoice. So, shop away!

On Monday, I'll be having a giveaway so be on the look out. I wanted to do it today but my camera died :( . So I'm hoping to get a new one later today or tomorrow.

Visit my etsy store today for free shipping!

PS I love Michael Johns and I can't believe he left AI!!


  1. wahhhhh!!! He is so gorgeous!!! ..and I am so sad he is gone too!!!

  2. dang he is hot!!!!!

    and a give away eh? sounds awesome

  3. Happy etsyversary!
    You have great items.

    Yes, I'm bummed about Micheal Johns, too.

    Kimberly :)

  4. oops sorry for the double comment but can't wait to see what you're giving away! so hurry hurry hurry hehe i'm very patient huh?

  5. Happy Anniversary! You're a very talented artist/ crafter. One can tell the love you put in each piece just by looking at it.

    I wish you all the best!


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