04 November 2013


...of the year is NOW. Once September comes I'm so anxious to get the Fall things out. I try to hold on as long as possible (I don't wanna be the crazy lady on the block) but by September 15th, orange and pumpkins are fair game :) Cooler weather, hay ride, trips to the farm, Halloween ... all leading up to this. November. {Heaven}. Some people might think that November is only good for leading up to Christmas but I think November is glorious all on her own. So, I'm relishing every last bit of it before the craziness of the Holidays creeps up. It's the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR. Right now.

 If you follow me on Facebook, you know I helped my sister plan & execute her wedding.  It was a simple, country, rustic, outdoor affair and the venue was so beautiful, I couldn't really mess it up too badly :)  I wasn't too afraid of the paper things; after all, that's what I do.  But I made her table decor, cupcakes, chalkboard signs, and {for the first time EVER} all 4 of the bouquets.  I was TERRIFIED of the bouquets but I think they turned out nice for a first timer :)  I have some picture to share of some of the things {and, of course, of the beautiful bride and groom}.  The pictures from the photographer are still coming in but here is a sample .... enjoy...

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  1. Beautiful job (although no big surprise-you're uber talented)


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