07 November 2013


He's our Elf :) He came to us just last year and once he was home, I couldn't remember why I had fought getting him. He is SOOOOO fun! My sister says he's creepy (and i get it) but he's grown on me and I love having him around. Last year he did a great job keeping the kids in check. This year might be a little more difficult, though, because my oldest is 9 and has decided he doesn't really believe in Santa anymore (sob!!!). On the plus side, once the kids are older, Jingle Jangle can get into the 'not so nice' things. So, there's that, i guess ... 

Anyway, here's my Jingle Jangle in all his elf glory last year:


  1. We loved our elf too! Her name was Marcy & the girls are already hoping she will be back at our house again this year! LOL! Have fun & bring on Christmas!!

  2. I Loved Seeing Marcy's Pics Last Year!!.Can't Wait To See Her Again!

  3. We had a good time with our elf Ella Stella too! The kids were sooo sad when she went back to the North Pole. Your elf really got into a lot of mischief!


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