09 February 2010


We received a note in Ethan's folder last Friday that he'd be receiving an award at a ceremony this morning. I asked him what it was all about and, of course, he had no idea. I was so proud when they called his name for the 'Good Citizen' Award! He was one of three students in his class to receive it (have I mentioned there are almost 30 students in his class ???) and we were supposed to hold our applause till the end. I was good. I didn't applaud. But I sure did scream like a banshee - 'EEEEEEEETHAAAAAAAN!!' Yeah. I'm THAT mom. My camera sucks. The pictures came out dark. Thankfully, DH got the ceremony on film.

The Life Preservers Club crop was this past weekend. It was so fun! I was able to complete three challenges between all the chatting and playing :) If you haven't joined us for one of our crops - you've got to visit for the next one!

I'll leave you with some of my latest stuff :)

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