22 January 2010


January has been filled with out of town guests, reorganizing, more guests and scrapping. I love love love having company stay with me. It feels like the holidays aren't over quite yet :) So, this weekend my cousin and his family are coming to stay the weekend and the day they leave, my parents arrive!

Thankfully, I found some time for personal scrapping this week. It feels like forever since I scrapped some pages for myself! I got a bunch done using my LPSC December kits and a bunch more using older kits. If feels SO GOOD to open up those kits and start using them!

I'm thinking of doing another show in March. I haven't really decided. I'm not sure how big it is so I don't know that it'll be worth the effort - shows are ALOT of work!

Anyway, I'll leave you with the projects I've done this month. Brace yourself - there's a bunch :) Have a great weekend, everyone! Hopefully, it won't be another 3 weeks before I visit again :)


  1. WOW you are so hospitable to have people over so much. I actually love it too but just am so Type A over my house being perfect. I have to get over that. Your creations are as beautiful as they ever have been.

  2. Wow you are a scrapping machine!! I just love your work and it's so much fun to see your posts!!

  3. I love having guests, but I like my time back when they're gone!! I've never done scrap booking, but seeing your work causes me to think about it!!


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