27 August 2009


I'm computer challenged. I admit that. I don't know how I've been able to sell my creations on-line exclusively for more than five years. It's a miracle. So, for the longest time I've wanted to make my blog have three columns - how hard could it be, right? Uh, have you met me? REALLY hard. But, I DID IT! All thanks to BloggerBuster.com. It was actually really easy, after all. What do you think?

My big boy started kindergarten yesterday. Well, it was staggered entry so he doesn't actually start till Tuesday. I made it through the day and so did he! He loved it, actually. Of course, I'm thrilled. I was so worried. I knew he would be fine, but still....you know how it is :)

I'm hitting the Autumn/Halloween designs hard this week. I've yet to open my other LP kits, but it's been a crazy/stressful month. I'm hoping I get used to my Little Man being away from me all day so that I can concentrate on creating.

I've opened up an Artfire shop because they have this super cool kiosk you can add to your facebook page so people can buy directly from there! How cool is that? It'll be a while before mine is set up but....I'm working on it. And that's progress :)

I think that's all for now. Thanks for checking in with me!


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