17 August 2009


The summer is winding down and boy, it's been a busy one! Lots of visits from family, fun days at the pool, library and beach, and life in general have kept me away so much. Thank you for coming back to visit me and check on what's going on in my life :)

August is the first month that LifePreserversClub has offered an exclusive CARD KIT! And guess who's making the sketches and designing with it....go ahead, guess! MOI!, that's right. I has tons of fun making these cards. You have got to check out Von's kits...they are so awesome!! Here are some of the cards I made - and believe it or not, I still have so much paper AND envelopes left over:

I still have 3 other kits to open and play with...but I have to finish a custom order first. One of my customers will be celebrating her first year anniversary later this year and has asked me to create a little love journal for her to write sweet nothings in. The first anniversary is paper so I am totally going to run with this and make some more for my shop - AFTER I finish everything else I have planned. So many ideas, so little time.......
My baby boy starts kindergarten next week and I'm a LITTLE (read: so very) freaked out. I'm looking forward to having some time with just me & Ava but I'm so sad that he will be without me all day :(
In other news, I've reached 100 fans on facebook! YAY ME! Thank you so much to all my lovely fans. Follow me on: www.facebook.com/WhimsyPicsFans and www.twitter.com/WhimsyPics for exclusive discounts and updates!
I think that's all for now. I have sooooo much to do today!
HAPPY MONDAY, everyone!

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  1. It has been busy for all of us Girl! I am so looking forward to the fall. Kind of makes me sad though. Wishing I had more time with my kiddos!
    Your cards are beautiful GF.....just like YOU!!!! Love ya!


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