01 June 2009


I can't get enough of these birds! I just love these stamps and I've made a bunch of mini cards and tags with them. You can find them all in my etsy shop (of course) and they're probably not going away any time soon. I love them.

So, today is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me. :) It's not exciting and I probably wouldn't have remembered if my husband hadn't been counting down. It's funny how different birthdays are when you're older...have different priorities. I don't want a party or gifts. I have everything I want; my beautiful, happy, healthy family. And apparently, I'm getting sappier and sappier in my old age.

I've opened a brand new shop, Little Bird Scraps, on etsy. It's mostly for destashing my supplies right now. I'm considering maybe making my own embellishments to sell later. But I'll think about that some other time. Right now I just need to clean this space! So, if you're a crafter, scrapbooker, card maker or other artist, check out my shop for something you might 'need'.

Have a great June, everybody!!


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